Conscious of the Environment

"We picked Flameless Cremation for my father. He was an Environmental Engineer who was consious of the environment."

Honor Wishes & Ease Fears

"My husband wanted to be cremated, but I always struggled with the thought of exposing him to fire. Flameless Cremation was a way for me to honor his wishes and ease my fears at the same time."

Get As Much Family Member Back as Possible

"When our Funeral Director explained that we get 20% more ash remains in the urn, we knew it was what we wanted to do. It was important to my family to get as much of our family member back as possible."

Families Gravitate Toward Flameless Cremation

"Flameless Cremation is a choice families gravitate to when making funeral arrangements. I can really see it getting more popular."

It's What Our Mom Would Have Wanted

"We had no idea Flameless Cremation was an option. I am so thankful our Funeral Director told us about it. We know it is what our mom would have wanted."

Having a Third Option Is a Great Idea & Peace of Mind

"It is nice to know there is a third option, flameless cremation is a great idea and eases my mind as it is more gentle than flame cremations."

Moving & Meaningful

"Our experience with Flameless Cremation was moving and meaningful. I hope it will soon be a well-known alternative, and available everywhere."

Why clients choose Flameless Cremation:


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