How long does the Flameless Cremation process take?

Once all the authorizations are completed, your loved ones urn should be returned within 1-2 days.

Do I receive anything back after the process is completed?

Yes. At the end of the Flameless Cremation process mineral ash is left behind which are placed in an urn and returned to you.

Can I have a traditional visitation or funeral if I select Flameless Cremation?

Yes. By utilizing embalming and the use of rea ntal casket, it is possible to have your loved one's body present for the visitation/funeral service. Once the services are completed, the Flameless Cremation process can take place.

Does Flameless Cremation use acid?

No. The alkalis used in the Flameless Cremation process are all natural material. They are the same substances that are used in everyday shaving creams, body washes, and other cosmetic compounds.

Since the process uses water, what is the impact of the water usage?

Virtually zero. The Flameless Cremation process uses approximately 75 gallons of water or what the average American uses for 3 showers. At the end of the process 99% of the water is returnable to be recycled.

Common questions about Flameless Cremation:


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